My advice has been featured in media articles by publications from Marie Claire to Wales Online. Here are some examples.

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Wales Online – The power of plants: How veganism conquered the mainstream

Veganism isn’t a new diet but it’s suddenly become more popular than ever

Helen McCarthy Wales online interview

You just can’t escape it right now. As far as diets go, veganism has never been more popular.

If 2017 was the year vegan got sexy, 2018 seems likely to be the year it gets massive. Instagram and YouTube are full of huge accounts showcasing manicured and mouthwatering meat-free treats, Netflix is loaded up with exposés of the alleged horrors of the dairy industry, and every supermarket and restaurant chain worth its heart-friendly salt alternative has vegan choices sitting prominently on their aisles and menus.

Bristol Post – Is the way we talk about food making us Bristolians fat?

A Bristol psychologist is taking us on a crash course on how to banish the guilty feelings we have around food.

Helen McCarthy Wales online interview

We are almost halfway through February and for those of you going strong with your New Year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy, well done.

However, for those of you who feel like you have given up or are struggling, I feel your pain.

Women’s Health – How To Deal With Hunger Pangs For When You Can Think of Nothing Else But Snacks

Helen McCarthy Wales online interview

We’ve all been there – an empty feeling in your stomach, a noisy rumbling at the most unwelcome of moments and hunger pangs so fierce that suddenly that out-of-date yoghurt pot seems remarkably appetising.

Wales Online – This is how you handle Christmas party season if you’re trying to lose weight

Helen McCarthy Wales online interview

Multiple festive lunches and buffets from now until the end of December make losing weight and staying healthy a nightmare.

But a leading psychologist says it is entirely possible for people to continue eating the foods they love without piling on the pounds.

The Sun – Here’s how you can have your Christmas treats AND stay healthy – including mince pies and Prosecco

According to Dr Helen McCarthy, a psychologist, mindful eating over the festive period can help stop you over-indulging on everything you see.

In Print

Veggie – Which snack is right for you?

The article, by Kelly Rose Bradford, used material from me and a couple of other people on the subjects of:
I’m craving something sweet
I’m always hungry
I have no energy
I’m a mindless snacker

Marie Claire – Six smart habits from people who never diet

 Dr Helen McCarthy was interviewed by Marie Claire for the article “Six Smart Habits from People who Never Diet”
Marie Claire cover