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Appetite Seminars

The unique Appetite Seminars are an opportunity to learn about how you can eat out in your favourite restaurant without gaining weight.  These seminars take place at top restaurants, and the evening includes a fabulous meal as well as a presentation by Dr Helen McCarthy.   They include plenty of opportunity for discussion and asking questions.

3-course Sit-down Restaurant Meal Seminar

  • Menu design and what it means for how to order from a menu
  • How our appetite system works on that special evening out
  • How to get the maximum enjoyment from your meal
  • How not to overeat
  • Getting value for money

Surviving the Buffet Seminar

  • How our appetite system reacts at the all-you-can-eat buffet
  • How many items to choose
  • What to choose from the buffet
  • How to eat to get maximum enjoyment from the buffet meal
  • How not to overeat
  • Value for money at a buffet

Links to details of future seminars are posted on this page

Comments from people who attended previous Seminars

“I learned a lot… the nature of the teaching (learn AS you eat) very helpful”

“Delicious! If that’s part of a diet, I’m happy!”

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